The Marshal Wine Dinner

Join The Red Hook Winery and Chef Charlie Marshall for a perfectly paired presentation of seven of The Red Hook Winery’s best wine. Chef Charlie works to create a unique dish for each course that accentuates the best qualities of each wine.
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Red Hook Winery Mattebella Chardonnay 2014 Paired with local, chilled shrimp, pear, horseradish & apple jus.
Christopher Nicolson’s Mattebella Chardonnay has a bouquet of yellow apple and star fruit with lemon pith and green apple on the palate. Salinity shines through with hints of tropical fruit like banana skin and passion fruit.
Red Hook Winery Mattebella Skin Fermented Chardonnay 2015 paired with Icelandic Cod, chardonnay+golden raisin reduction, hazelnuts and wild rice pilaf.
Abe Schoener’s Mattebella Chardonny screams tropical fruit in the purest form. Perfectly ripe pineapple, both juicy and tart. Fleshy mango and a magnolia flower, reminiscent of an open air fruit market on a cool summer day.
Red Hook Winery Russ McCall Merlot 2016 paired with shaved butternut squash salad, preserved local cherries, goat cheese and butternut squash seed vinaigrette.
Christopher Nicolson’s 2016 Merlot is an intense red wine, the nose has dried red fruit as well as burnt herbs. The palate is lively with tart blackberry and vigorous tannins.
Red Hook Winery Abe Schoener Gaia 2015 paired with braised leg of lamb ravioli, cacio e pepe and toasted rosemary.
This Bordeaux-style blend is bright crimson in the glass with a cranberry and blackberry nose. In comforting continuity with Schoener’s wines this red smells of books being unearthed from an attic. The palate bursts with cranberry and pomegranate juice followed by strong tannins that melt into mouth watering acidity.
Red Hook Winery Reilly Vineyard Petite Verdot 2014 paired with duck confit, roasted kabocha squash cake and black pepper reduction.
Robert Foley’s Petit Verdot is akin to a delicate Italian Amaro, anisette and rosemary up-front with blackberry and alpine herbs. The palate is lush and intense with gripping tannins that linger through the bright, acid-driven finish.
Red Hook Winery Macari Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
paired with slow-braised boneless short rib, pickled red onions and horseradish creme.
Robert Foley’s Macari Cabernet Sauvignon is a robust red with dark cherry and balsamic notes. The dark-fruited weight of the palate is balanced by tart, black cherry fruit.
Red Hook Winery Late Harvest Riesling paired with spiced caramel and salt poached apple, golden raisin drizzle and shortbread crumble.
Robert Foley’s Late Harvest Riesling is a dream, candied pear and honeysuckle on the nose. Lemon juice brightens the palate, finishing with a tart and creamy meringue.