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—  Tasting menu  —

The tasting room at Red Hook Winery is open daily from 12pm – 6pm
The Red Hook Winery Tasting -
$18 per person. Four Red Hook Wines. Two Ounces Each.
We offer twelve Red Hook Wines by the glass, you may choose any four from this list or ask your server if we have anything interesting open!

Barrel Tasting Tour - $35 per person. 30 - 45 Minute Tour. Four Red Hook Wines and Two Barrel Samples. Two Ounces Each. By appointment only.
An extended, private tour of the wine making area of the facility and the barrel room where your group will taste Red Hook Wines ageing in barrel. The barrel tasting tour can be reserved from 12pm to 4pm daily. The Red Hook Winery Tasting is included in this reservation. If you want a behind the scenes look at how our winemakers utilize the same batch of grapes to create different styles of wine, then the barrel tasting and tour is for you!






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